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Yes that is Me - Lisa :)

Yes that is Me – Lisa :)

I consider myself really lucky because while some people might think I have a perfectly ordinary life in fact I am living the dream – well my dream at least.  I get paid to stay at home and write for a living and I have been doing it for more than 13 years.  I have been a ghostwriter, academic writer and more recently I have writing my own books and courses for the kindle market.  If you want to check out some of the books I have written then pop over to Amazon.com and do a search for “Lisa Oliver”, I currently have almost 40 non-fiction titles on there and I am hoping to get my first fiction novel finished in the next month or so.

My decision to help others with their writing came from an almost “snobbish” attitude I felt some writers have about their profession.  I believe that if you are capable of making a mark on a page, or can create a shopping list then you have the ability to earn money through writing.  I am not suggesting for a moment that it is an easy thing to do, but it is something that you could do, if you really wanted to.

A typical day for me starts at about 9.00 am reading my emails and catching up with my grown children on Facebook.  Then I look at creating new content, either for myself or for clients until 12.30 pm.  I have a leisurely lunch hour and then I spend the afternoon either finishing projects for clients, or playing in my craft room making toys and other bits and pieces simply because that is what I like to do.  I am off the computer by 5.00 pm because that is when my husband comes home and we spend the evening enjoying our quiet rural home, or we are off out with friends.  I set my own hours, I make more money than my husband some weeks and I have absolutely no stress or hassles with looking for work, getting to work or dealing with bosses.  If you have two spare hours a day (or a weekend) you can start earning money as a writer/author even if the most you have ever written is a school essay.

This year I will be adding a new dimension to my working day – working with students just like yourself and helping them to achieve the type of lifestyle I enjoy.  It is not about earning a million dollars; it is about having the freedom to wake up in the morning and feeling happy about what you have to do in your day.  It is about making an income that will help relieve a bit of financial tension, doing something that you enjoy doing – writing.   If you are interested in becoming one of my students please check out my Writing Coach page.

No matter what else you do today, enjoy what you are doing – life is just too short to do anything else :)


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