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My name is Lisa Oliver and I am here to tell you that if you can write an email or a shopping list then you can make money writing on the internet – something I have been doing for the past thirteen years.  If you can update your Facebook status or write a tweet then you can write articles, blog posts, sales pages and even ebooks and books promoting your own interests or working as a ghostwriter for clients.  The writing business online is a billion dollar industry and all you need to get started in your own writing business is the desire to make it happen.

Thirteen years ago I was newly married to my second husband, Paul – a farmer who lived and worked in rural Northland, New Zealand.  As we had six children between us money was always tight but I despaired of ever finding work in our local area – I didn’t know how to milk a cow or fell a tree and those were the only options available within an hour’s drive of our home.  It was Paul who suggested that I look for ways to make money on our newly acquired computer and internet connection.

If you have been online for more than a week you can imagine the type of “opportunities” I found – make money scams were not as prevalent then as they are today but they were widely promoted – all offering the unwary user the chance to make easy money with just one click of the mouse.  I was just really lucky that we didn’t have much money to waste on those opportunities otherwise I am sure I could have led us straight into bankruptcy in three months flatJ.  I needed to find a way I could make money, that wouldn’t cost us any money to get started.

I have always been an avid magazine reader and I knew that often magazines would buy articles from freelance writers.  So I used the internet to start finding magazines I could write articles for.  At the time I was a full time parent so decided that the parenting niche would be an ideal place to start my writing career.  I sourced writing guidelines and contact details of magazines in the United States and started sending out ideas and even fully written articles to every parenting magazine I could find.  It took three months but I eventually sold my first magazine article to the “Baby and Me” magazine, published in the USA.  If we hadn’t of needed the money so badly, I would have framed my first check for the princely sum of $200 American dollars.

Over the following six months I made some steady sales.  The parenting niche was and still is one that is always looking for new material and with three children of my own plus three step-children I could always find new things to write about.  But the problem with writing freelance like that was that I never knew when my next check was coming in.  I needed to find ways of making more money on a more regular basis.  That search for a more regular income led me to freelance writing sites, academic writing sites and content provider sites. I started to make a good sum of money on a regular basis, all from the comfort of my own home.

Fast forward ten years and the children are finally grown and have left home and my husband and I started to look at the idea of making a residual income.  I had really enjoyed my years as a freelancer and indeed I do still have some freelance clients I work for today.  But the problem with working like that is that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.  When you trade time for dollars your income is also limited by the amount of work you can do over a period of time.  My husband was in a similar situation with his job and we realized that if we ever wanted to retire then we needed to rethink the way we made money.

Working for clients had taught me a lot about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and other ways of making money online.  I knew the theory behind these different ways of making money but I had never tried them for myself.  So I started creating niche websites and working in article marketing.  The advantage of doing this type of thing is that you can write something once, publish it online and then continue to reap the benefits of that work over and over again.  I didn’t make my millions but I did make some solid little recurring income streams that are still making me money.

But for me the turning point in my career was when Amazon launched its brand new Kindle publishing platform.  All of a sudden normal people just like me could write books and get them published without having to go through a long drawn out publishing process, or the inevitable rejection that so often comes from submitting your book to a publishing house.  I had already written my first book, Invisible Bars: Why Women Won’t Leave, and had tried to get it published along the traditional route.  Now that the Kindle option had opened up I could become a self-published author with no cost to myself at all.  Within three months I was earning my first royalty checks and they have been coming in monthly ever since.

I enjoy writing short books that solve reader’s problems.  I now have over thirty titles on Amazon Kindle – just pop along to Amazon.com and type “Lisa Oliver” into the search engine and you will find a list of my books and my Author Central page.  I don’t write as many books as I used to but I love the fact that everything I do write has become an asset that I will not only continue to make money from for as long as I leave it on the Amazon site, but I can even leave the copyright to my titles to my children.  To me Kindle publishing is the perfect vehicle for creating a residual income asset.

I have shared my story with you because I want you to realize that I had no special training or prior writing knowledge before I started working as a writer online.  I had no choice but to find ways of making money online that were not going to cost me anything to get started and I did that.  As I moved from one aspect of writing online to another I learned new skills and different ways of doing things.  My writing skills improved the more I wrote and while I may never be a polished literary genius, I can write a short book for Kindle, in a conversational tone in under two weeks.  You can do the same thing if you want to – and I can show you how.

I decided to become a writing coach because I know there are literally thousands of people all over the world who go online everyday hoping to find that magical key that will bring more money into the house.  There are hundreds more who have always dreamed of writing a book but never knew how to get started, or finished.  Whether you want to write for fun, profit or publication I can create an individual course for you that will help you achieve your writing goals.

When you sign up for my writing coach services the first thing I do is send you an extensive questionnaire.  I want to find out what you want to achieve as a writer online.

  • It maybe that you have always thought you couldn’t write but you have always been keen to learn.  My training will have you creating sellable pieces of content within the first three weeks.
  • Perhaps you have always wanted to make money online and you have been looking at ways you can work, for real money, from the comfort of your own home.  Most of my clients start making money within a month of starting to work with me.
  • It could be that you have this story buried inside of you, or an idea for a really helpful book in any one of hundreds of niches, but you don’t know how to get started.  My coaching will have you well on the way to writing your first chapter within just a few short weeks.

This questionnaire will give you an opportunity to tell me what you want to achieve and it will give us something to talk about when I contact you via Skype.  I like to have at least one conversation with a new coaching client but if you don’t have Skype then I can either phone you or we can converse via email – your choice J.

Once I know a bit more about what you want and what you can do then I will start setting you little challenges designed to move you towards your goals.  Now you might not have a lot of idea about what you do want to do with your writing, especially if you have never thought of yourself as a writer but that doesn’t matter.  I can give you a number of options and you can choose what you want to work on first.  You will send your work back to me and I will send you through my comments and suggestions and some more things to do.  If you get stuck you can email me or catch up with me on Skype or Facebook.

That is the key difference I think you will find with my coaching services over others offered online.  I intend to work with you until you achieve your writing goals and if I am online I am always available whether you have a quick question or want to have a chat.  We work together until you are happy with what you have achieved and we decide together that you no longer need my services.

I am really excited about working with you but I can imagine your next thought is “how much is all of this going to cost me?”  After all coaching is expensive and there isn’t any other coach online that is as available as I will be to you.  My friends told me I should offer this as a monthly service fee but honestly I would rather you paid me once and then worked with me as long as that might take.

(I do have a few conditions of course to keep it fair for both of us – namely you do have to respond to my emails within a week and you do have to work on the assignments I send you.  You can take time off from the coaching but you need to let me know how much of a hiatus you want to take before you disappear otherwise our contract becomes null and void after two weeks of non-contact.  That is the only condition).

But back to the price.  My charge for this is a discounted one-time flat fee of $495.00.  If you are really keen to get started but can’t afford that amount as a lump sum then you can use the three payment option at just $175 per fortnight.  I want to make this opportunity as affordable as possible.  Payment is made via Paypal.

So the next step is up to you if you are willing to take it.  Simply click the Buy Now Button below and let’s start making your writing dreams a reality.

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