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For everyone who wants to publish on the Kindle marketplace, or perhaps create a product that they can sell through their own websites I am offering the following packages for interested marketers/authors.

1. A Kindle/Ebook writing book package – (All non-fiction – all rights on payment in full)

5000 words (10 plus pages) – $100

10,000 words (20 plus pages) – $200

20,000 words (40 plus pages) – $350

20000 plus words – please contact for price details.

Includes all formatting for Kindle or for a web-ready PDF document, graphics, TOC and any other extra links/information the client wants to use. All topics will be well researched and the content will be 100% original copyscaped.

2. Editing, Proofing, Formatting Package for Kindle and/or Createspace

Books 5000 words to 10000 words – $65

Books 10001 to 20000 words – $90

Books over 20000 words – $125

3. Editing and Proofreading only

Books 5000 words or under – $40

Books 10000 words or under – $55

Books 20000 words or under – $90

Books over 20000 words – please contact for price details

You can email me about these services at services@writingwithlisa.com – please allow up to 24 hours for a response as I do not use autoresponders.  When writing to me please let me know the topic of your project, the expected word count, which offer you wanted to use and of course include any questions you might have before placing your order.

This offer is limited as the prices are considerably cheaper than I would normally charge of $20 per page writing and $10 per page editing/formatting – so don’t miss out :)

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