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Written By: Lisa - Feb• 25•13

Hi Everyone

I started up this new blog because I am passionate about helping others meet their writing goals.  I have been a ghostwriter for more than ten years and more recently I started publishing my own books on Amazon Kindle – I currently have 32 titles on there, two of which are about helping others learn more about how they can write effectively and make money.  You can check them out here:

How to Write and Publish a Book in 8 Hours

The Prolific Writing System

When I first started writing I used to think that authors were this elite group of people that were just different from you and me.  What I learned as I started writing myself is that authors pull their pants on just the same way as the rest of us – writers are ordinary people who sit down and write.  That is honestly all you need to become a writer – you need to write.  The editing, the spelling and grammar checks can all be done by someone else but if you have unique ideas and want to share them with everyone else then all you need to do is to sit down and write.

So this is what I want you to do today.  I want you to open up a new file on your computer and head it up with “MY Writing”.  Then I want you to think of all of the ideas you have ever had that could go into a book, articles or a blog like this one.  Just brainstorm.  Don’t worry about “I don’t know anything about…” or thoughts about how people might not like what you have written.  For now you are just coming up with ideas on what you would love to write about.  I will share more with you on how to make money with your writing as we progress.

For me writing has always been more than just a way to make money.  I first started writing after coming out of a ten year long abusive marriage and I wanted to write a book that would help other people to understand why women don’t leave their abusive partners.  I was scared; I was sure no-one would be interested in what I had to say but for me writing was the safest way of sharing my story.  The whole book writing process turned into a form of therapy for me.  I found as I shared some of my personal stories that I could look at them, and myself and realize that the abuse was not my fault and that there were a lot of complex reasons why I stayed as long as I did.  If you are interested in looking at that book you can find it on Amazon – Invisible Bars: Why Women Won’t Leave.

From that first book came a torrent of words.  I have written about so many topics because I have a love of learning new things.  You might be interested in sharing a specific passion you have – a hobby or maybe your brain is full of wonderful story ideas.  It doesn’t matter what you want to write; you just have to start writing.  So head off and start your list of ideas today and check back in here tomorrow when I will share some ideas on how you can start your career as a writer.

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